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Join us for a week long Pride celebration filled with  theater, art, music, film and dance performances.  This week long celebration will be part of Pride Goes East.

Monday June 22nd  8 PM
An open house with Pride events on all three floors of DMAC, including, dance, film, video. Featuring SHOWDOWN David Parker and The Bang Group’s new dance set to many of the songs featured in the score of Irving Berlin’s musical-comedy classic, Annie Get Your Gun. Working with the beautiful, and rarely heard, recordings made by Judy Garland and Howard Keel for the 1949 MGM film version of the Broadway show (with Garland eventually replaced by Betty Hutton), Parker takes the songs out of their original narrative context and releases them into a contemporary choreographic world. Show Down unravels the venerable musical’s themes of a show down between the sexes, the lure of show business and the juncture of love and ambition with freewheeling vigor. These are themes which have long fascinated Parker and he sends his eight dancers swirling, thudding, rolling and rollicking through barefoot tap dances, sinuous partnering and potent competition dances with gusto. Parker treats the score seriously as music and poetry and yet allows humor to bubble up inevitably through his meticulously crafted dances. Amber Sloan most closely embodies the character of Annie with Nic Petry as her eager male counterpart. They are joined by Bang Group stalwarts Jeffrey Kazin, Bryan Campbell, Terence Duncan, Megan Flynn, Marissa Palley and David Parker in a special singing and tap dancing role in which, joined by Jeffrey Kazin, the virtues of an Old Fashioned Wedding are extolled.

In the studio, Carlos Velazquez " exhibit A: (walking) in the rain..." explores a relationship in which are not set roles, no men or a woman, but two human beings with interest in common.

In our gallery, a newly curated exhibit of international video works dealing with LGBT themes featuring the works of David Rios Ferriera. A complimentary reception follows event.

Tuesday June 23rd
8 PM
NYC Downtown Short Film Festival screenings of films exploring gay themes.

Wig  Directed by: Todd Holland  Comedy (USA) A bald dead woman, her favorite wig stolen by her son, and a family that expects to bury her in it in three days? WIG mines humor in the face of tragedy and brings fresh style to the timeless journey of recovery after loss.

James  Directed by: Connor Clements  Drama (Great Britain, Ireland) James has learnt to be withdrawn and secretive in a family with long buried secrets. Lonely and confused, he is drawn to one of his schoolteachers, Mr Sutherland, focusing on him as the one person who might understand his inner turmoil.

THIRTEEN or so MINUTES (USA) Directed by: Branden Blinn What can change in Thirteen or so Minutes...everything!

the (718) (USA) Directed by: Darren Coyle When a struggling actor and reluctant homosexual starts losing his straight drinking buddies to marriage, he has to learn to stand on his own and prepare for his most challenging role: Himself.

Over Da Rainbow (USA) Directed by: Jared Lapidus  Comedy A homophobic gangster rapper wants to sample a 1980's hair metal ballad for his next anti-gay anthem.

Thursday & Friday June 25/26  8 PM

Carlo D'Amore in his one man show NO PAROLE. An adult gay son is forced to take over the care of his undocumented, destitute and con-artist mother in his illegal fifth floor walk-up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. All hell breaks loose in this funny and moving-real life epic story about family.

Saturday June 27 8 PM
Cabaret @ DMAC

More events to be listed.


June 22, 2009 - June 27

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