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MADboots dance co. 2013 Spring Season


MADboots dance co. in the culmination of an eight-week creative residency on May 3rd - 4th, 2013. Co-artistic directors, Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz will premiere blue, a new work loosely inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period and Joan Miro's triptych Bleu (1961). The program will also include the New York City premiere of ALL GOOD SONS. Stocked full of athleticism and the raw need to be heard, ALL GOOD SONS is a dark and brooding romantic rebellion. An almost-hero faces the challenges of isolation and unflinching failure. Tix $10 @ Smarttix



Cori Marquis premieres her first full evening of choreography wier company, Cori + the Nines [IX], with unedrtsdaning this smees to be esiaer tahn you mghit hvae thgouht. Running May 6 and 7, 2013 at the Duo Multicultural Arts Center, the evening will feature a new work exploring the often-illusory nature of human perception.

unedrtsdaning this… sources comedy, magic, illusion, and the overwhelming amount of information synthesized by our myriad senses. Combining text, film, high-powered physicality, and “intricate and perfectly executed" partnering (Maura Donohue, Culturebot), Marquis’ choreography examines how psychological and scientific concepts can be investigated with and mapped onto the body. unedrtsdaning this… invites the audience to blur the lines between sensory experience, illusion and representation.

The performers are: Heidi Brewer, Alexander Dones, Brian Hendricks, Yuki Ishiguro, Cori Marquis, Jordan Risdon, Caitlin Yuhas

Tickets $10 @ SMARTTIX


A sacrifice enacted before the audience’s eyes.

 Conceived and directed by Argentinean choreographer Anabella Lenzu, “Sangre y Arena” (Blood and Sand) is a visceral piece of dance-theater that reconnects with the primal impulses that underlie ritual, juxtaposing intellect and instinct. In this interdisciplinary, multimedia production with projections, paints, water, and masks, Lenzu rediscovers ceremony and heritage.  Tix $15 @ SMARTTIX



In RESET, her first solo show, Troy Ogilvie has assembled the talents of several choreographers to create an evening of solo dance at DMAC. Through the four distinct movement languages of Margie Gillis, Shannon Gillen, Austin McCormick, and Harumi Terayama, Troy explores the pleasures and heartaches of losing and regaining identity. The 45 minute show travels through the awkwardness of fulfilling a wild animal spirit, the subtle loss of identity through adapting to an outside environment, the muddy and uncertain waters of the 'true' identity and the socially acceptable but spiritually limiting role of highly sexualized women.  December 12/13  8 PM   Tickets  $10  SMARTTIX.COM



DMAC presents Maya de Silva and Flamenco Revolucion in "Transiciones": Birth to Death as seen through the revelatory eye of Flamenco.  Tickets $20  Buy at SMARTTIX.COM


Monday August 1 at 7:30PM & 9:30PM

7:30PM - PREMIÈR SPECTACLE // Aszure Barton & Artists avec les Clowns - Les Chiche Capon (Paris, FR)Patrick de Valette (Cirque du Soleil) & Fred Blin and The Rotten Plantains [featuring Wayne Wilson and guests]

9:30PM - THE ROTTEN PLANTAINS -- Fred Blin, Patrick de Valette, Julie Ferrier, Daniel Passer and Wayne Wilson with appearances by Aszure Barton & Artists

Tickets $10 per performance. Students with valid ID: $5. May be purchased online at

See both performances and save $5. Use discount code DUO to purchase 2 tickets for $15. (one for the 7:30 and one for the 9:30 performance) This offer can only be purchased by phone. Please call 212.868.4444.


Deganit Shemy  "Untitled"

Please join us on Thursday May 12 at 8 PM for a work-in-progress showing of choreographer Deganit Shemy's "Untitled".

For the past ten weeks, Deganit has been in residency at DMAC working with dancers Elyssa Dole, Denisa Musilova, Savina Theodorou and videographer Kate Freer. "Untitled" is a work that uses toys and projectors. The toys represent a gateway into an existence that sells dreams, lies and unattainable ideals and stereotypes. 
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Keely Garfield and company back at DMAC with Twin Pines

KEELY GARFIELD "It’s been 18 months since Ms. Garfield’s last major eruption, and I still can’t say what that work was fully about — only that I want more of her hallucinatory, uncomfortable meditations on the human condition. This fall, she’ll occupy all three floors of the Duo Multicultural Arts Center. Oct. 28-30. 62 East Fourth Street, East Village; (212) 598-4320,"   By CLAUDIA LA ROCCO  NY Times September 10, 2010



The New York Times review


DANCE@DMAC 2008-2009
Aszure Barton's  A Traveling Show  (premiere)
Donna Uchizono Company  (Residency 2007-09)
David Parker and the Bang Group (Pride@DMAC)
Carlos Velazquez (Pirde@DMAC)

Commissons and Premieres  October 2008
Anna Sperber
Julian Barnett
Maria Hasabi
Alex Escalante
Keely Garfield

Commissions and Premieres June 2009
Araine Anthony
Bridgman Parker
Deganit Shemy
Nicole Wolcott
Kim Grier
Catherine Galasso
Laurie Stallings
Kelley Donovan
Claire Porter
Yin Yue

Commissions and Premieres December 9-12  2009
Sidra Bell
Alexandra Bellar
Sunwha Chung
Michelle Mola & Zack Winokur

Full Length Commissions and Premieres  2010 - 2011
Sidra Bell  May 12-15
Lauri Stallings/gloATL  June 10-12
Keely Garfield   Fall 2010

Residencies and Premieres 2011- 2012

Troy Ogilvie
Maya de Silva Chafe
Deganit Shemy
Aszure Barton
Les Chiche Capon
Judith Sanchez Ruiz
Luke Murphy
Malcom Low
Cherice Barton
Anabella Lenzu

Cori Marquis


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